Venetian Plaster-Polished plaster

Venetian Plaster or Polished Plaster is a wall and ceiling finish that consists of plaster mixed with marble dust or other ingredients. Venetian Plaster is simply another name for lime plaster too. A spatula and trowel are the main tools. We achieve a smooth surface with the illusion of depth and texture after burnishing multiple, thin layers. There are many types of products used to achieve many various effects.


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natural clay plasters

Clay is an ancient construction material, it is used as a decorative finish. It is composed of 100% natural materials, unlike common plaster, giving it many health benefits. It has developed throughout the years to now be available in many different colours and finishes, which can be easily applied to a variety of wall and ceiling surfaces. It’s coloured using natural oxides and mineral pigments which contain no chemical additives.

Clay surfaces are great at regulating temperature; remaining cool in summer and warm in winter. They also absorb and eliminate excess moisture from your home, helping with the reduction of dampness and mould. 

Natural clay plasters are anti-static so they can screen electromagnetic radiation from computers, TV’s and other appliances. It does this by producing negative ions that reduce the static effect that attached dust to surfaces

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Marmorino Plasters

Marmorino plaster is a lime plaster used for application on smooth interior surfaces. One can achieve a silk shine lustre and deep transparency of the polished stone or other textured effects. It is based on calcium oxide and is used for interior and exterior wall and ceiling decorations.

Marmorino plaster can be finished via multiple techniques for a variety of matte, satin and gloss final effects. Marmorino is the most commonly used product due to its wide range of finish possibilities. 

concrete plasters

Concrete type of material is a mineral plaster coating, made of well-seasoned hydrated lime putties, white cement, specific aggregates and rheological modifiers carefully selected to ensure excellent workability. Concrete permits to achieve post-industrial concrete-look textures, with elegant soft colour washing shades. The thickness ensures high protection performances on the substrate where it is applied on.